John and Jims Band Photo Gallery

As you can see many pictures have been lost since this page was originally created. If you have any pictures of John and Jim's band please email them to jim(at)angryjim(dot)com so I can repair this page. Thanks! -Jim
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from the recording session from The Galfunk Album:

From the live performance of the John and Jim side project
(with Brian Cooper on drums) Ceramic Swirly Cup during the Ragbrai bike rally

left to right:Adam in his garage (detail), Adams Garage (common John and
Jim's Band practice space)featuring that other band, John and Jim's
Band image from the 1995 South Tama yearbook, Adam's Senior portrait,
Detail of Adam's portrait (note: John and jim's band tapes)


one more: John and Jim's band (last performance with original lineup) at
bandfest on the plowman farm north of Toledo

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